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Sky Spot was founded in 1992. Titles available include Finder Charts of the Messier Objects, Finder Charts of Bright Telescopic Objects, Finder Charts of Overlooked Objects, and Finder Charts of Select Double Stars. These charts are the work of Brent Watson, an amateur astronomer since 1964. They are specifically designed for use at the telescope, and are the product of years of experience in the field. Our Finder Charts' features are tailored to make finding celestial objects extremely easy. Customers repeatedly comment on their ease of use, and state that their observing productivity is increased many times over. Each volume is fully laminated, opens flat, and includes a description of each object. All Finder Charts are individually hand crafted.

These Finder Charts are made for use with a Telrad, the first zero power finder, but they also work with any zero power or red dot finder equally well. Sky Spot also offers the Telrad finder, along with extra bases for the Telrad. The Telrad projects three concentric circles against the sky where the telescope is pointed, facilitating simple pointing. The largest circle (4 degrees) outlines the area covered by many optical finder scopes. The smallest circle (1/2 degree) is the apparent size of the Moon in our sky. The Telrad is easily detachable from its base for storage. The base mounts to any telescope with the included double sided foam tape, or can be attached with screws through provided mounting holes.

Spotlight operators find the Telrad a great addition to their spotlights, with the Telrad showing where the spotlight is pointed before opening the shutter of the spotlight. Safeguarding our customers' valuable information is paramount.


Sky Spot has taken care to assure that our store offers a secure, confidential method for purchasing our products. Be assured that we share your personal information with absolutely no one. We will ship within two days of receiving your order.

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